Who we are and what we do

At FSM Performance we strive to provide our customers the highest quality, the latest innovative design, a broad selection of products and superior customer service when shopping for their automotive needs.

Here at FSM Performance we not only have the desire to serve our customers, we are customers ourselves. Each of us, individually has a passion for auto racing in some form. We have each competed in some form of automotive competition and we reflect our knowledge and experience in everything we do as a company. Check out our bio’s below for a little about each of us.

FSM Performance was founded because of the gap that exists between online retailers and brick and mortar shops. We provide the 1:1 customer experience while maintaining the competitive edge of online retail. By leveraging our long standing relationships with our strategic partners, we are able to bring to our customers the high quality products they are looking for at a price they can afford.

Our Products

Off Road Wheels

Whether your vehicle is stock for a trip to the mall or lifted on a custom suspension for a trip to go wheeling in Moab, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide every customer the look, function and quality they deserve in variety of fitments at a price they can afford!

Street / Track Racing Wheels

We feature a large array of styles ranging across multiple, colors, sizes and fitments. Our board range of tops brands will certainly help you find the perfect fit and look, whether you are upgrading your family sedan, street racer, sport tuner or your high end luxury vehicle.

Exclusive Brand tools

FSM Performance is the exclusive world wide distributor of ACA Auto Tools. All tools come with a Lifetime Warranty so you can feel confident in the design and quality of your tools when you need them to work for you.

Exclusive Brand Accessories

The ACA Brand also offers a quality line of accessories. FSM Performance is still currently in the process of completing the supply infrastructure for distribution of the ACA Brand of Auto Accessories.

Kevin M.

CIO - VP. Marketing

Kevin has spent the last 20+ years in the inventory control and auto parts supply. He ran the wholesale parts department for the largest volume BMW dealership in North America. Tiring of the corporate world and then inefficiencies that exist in that world, Kevin decided to branch out on his own and founded an exclusive, high end parts exporter serving the Asian markets.

Originally hailing from South Africa, Kevin has spent his entire life immersed in auto racing. From growing up in a Formula RacingĀ  Family to competitively racing in various racing disciplines, Kevin has the personal, first hand knowledge and experience to know what it takes to win!

Ron P.

CFO - VP. Sales

Not coming from the automotive industry makes Ron the odd man out on this team. Ron is the former President and CEO of his own financial services firm where he spent the last 20 years managing over $150 million of client assets. With his extensive background and first hand knowledge of finance and accounting, he is the grease that makes FSM Performance run smoothly.

Ron’s passion for as long as he can remember has been off roading which began in the hills of the Pocono Mountains and carried with him to the deserts of the southwest. Annually you will find Ron making a pilgrimage to disappear on the Rubicon Trail or to challenge his nerves in Moab, Utah. On any given weekend do not expect to hear from him as he and his son Nicolas will be out in the desert surrounding Las Vegas wheeling and looking for geocaches!